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So, the story of how this project came to be is a sad, but unfortunately common one.

It started out with my marriage.  My wife and I had been together for nearly 16 years, ten of which we spent married.  We have two beautiful children.  We were financially stable.  We had what many would call a beautiful life.

Our wonderful family had more issues than initially met the eyes, however.  My wife and I had been having issues with intimacy for years.  We simply swept them under the rug, as we struggled to gain financial stability.

I travel a lot for work.  In my travels I began to seek out other outlets for my intimate frustrations...listen to So Good So Right.  You will quickly understand what I mean.

Anyway...arguments ensued.  Neither of us were happy with each other or ourselves.  My wife finally began to pull away from the point where I got fed up and threatened to leave.

This was not a bad idea to her.

I have been out of the house since then.  We share joint custody of our children.  As I began to rediscover myself through counseling and through this music, I realized that what happened to my wife and I was not only my fault and her fault, but also the fault of our society and how we present relationships through the media and through traditional channels.  The quote “ideal man” found on TV and in movies, is not the the real “ideal husband”.

My counselor says that these familial issues have become an epidemic in American society.  Given the number of associates and friends I have who are currently in separation or divorce scenarios, I am inclined to agree with him.

In short, men need to change, not so much how we treat women, but how we behave around our women.  Men need to be men. 

For example, you may be a football fan.  You may enjoy Monday Night Football.  It may be important for you to take those three hours on Monday to relax after a hard day’s work and enjoy a game.  Your wife may not think that Monday Night is as important to you as it really is, because you have not told her to leave you be and let you watch the game.  Who’s fault is that?  Her fault?  No, you did not share with her what was important to you.  You probably feel like an ass for monopolizing the TV all evening on Monday, so you let it ride.  Well, you are not an ass for needing the TV on Monday, it is not your wife’s fault that she wont leave you alone...that is until you tell her to.

Trust always want to be honest with your other about how you feel, even if the feelings you have are not good, or happy.  You also want to be real about how you express those feelings.  Feelings should never be apologized for.  They just are.

By showing her what you need, and not being apologetic about it, you actually fulfill one of her emotional needs, and that is to know you...the real you, not the hollywood you.

This is just a small example...You guys know plenty of others.

In closing, let me say that this project will change the way you think about your relationship...or you weren’t fucking listening.

JB Frank...the creator.

The Story

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